Some Fun Under SUN

So, it's 105 degrees and when you walk out from the air conditioning and you begin to melt instantly! Why would you even go out right? WRONG! I decided I would be a part of the Solar Empire and while I was delivering the food of life to my tree's, I decided there might be some fun to be had.






KC Astronomy

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I dragged out the Star Hopper, Solar Filter and on a whim, my cheapo digital camera.  I never thought anything decent would come of placing the camera up to the eyepiece and firing off 50 pics or so.  I was mistaken, here are a few shots of the moment!

There was a great deal of activity to behold!  Click on the SUN to enlarge it and look at the edges carefully. It appears that one can detect flares on the edges, but in truth I believe it may simply be blooming on the edges.

Of course once you are out in the heat, one becomes delerious and after the heat has melted the senses right from you, everything looks good and you have a strange desire to take pictures of everything under the sun! I explored the feild by the side of the house and Gina's garden.

August 28th, of the year 2000

Everstar Observatory/Homestead is located 20 miles south of Kansas City in Olathe Kansas.  Olathe Kansas is now on it's 8th day straight of 100 plus degree days.  Yesterday was 106 and today it got up to 105.   They say there may be another 5 or 6 days of this to come.

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