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Warning!Refer to equipment setup below, Everstar and its staff make no claims to the accuracy of the infomation presented here.   Perhaps it will help save you time and frustration. Be sure to ask a professional if you have questions about the information presented here prior to making any decisions based off of it.






KC Astronomy

These links journal our experinces on the subject. Click on the button for more info:

Mark's CCD & Asteroid Manual:         3.5MB .pdfl

The following information pertains the the following equipment setups

Everstar Scope One:

Everstar Scope Two: (Visual Observation)


  • Toshiba 1.7Ghz Laptop (Mobile and tasker)
  • Compaq EVO 2.4Ghz
  • AMD     K6 II 550 (Processing)
  • Compaq AMD 450 Laptop (Mobile and tasker)
  • Amiga   1200 (Internet, weather, IRC, Special image processing)
  • Tons of Hard Drive space spread amongst them! ;-)

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