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Andromeda Galaxy
 L:1000 Unguided
ST-10MXE LXLXD55 8" @F 4
9/6/2 Mark & Scott Cooke - Great Plains Star Party

 Weather Station KKSOLATH1



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Everything changes and so did EverStaR Observatory:

Sometimes in life things happen that shape and change our focus as the was the case with my passion for Astronomy.  I think I had reached burnout with the technology and politics of this great hobby and the events that were going on in my work life changed my focus.  I almost lost my love of one of the greatest hobbies I have ever been a part of due to these events.

I took some time to slow down and as a result I sold all of the wonderful gear I had. I was lucky to do this at a modest loss, more one of the heart on some of the items and have rekindeled my spirit and passion once again.

The roof is closed for now, as there is no gear beneath but just a rusting blue peir awaiting the day that a scope will set upon it again slewing through the night.  This may never happen because the night sky grows paler here but you just never know what may change next.

I have archived these pages because they represent so many hours of my life and efforts and it is my hope that someone may find them useful, interesting or entertaining!.

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