New Beginnings


Hello to all my old and new astro friends!

NetObjects Fusion 2013I am back to enjoy one of my all time favorite hobbies.  [AGAIN]

My old website if your interested went idle back in 2002 and can be found here.  There are some broken links and images, however, for archival purposes I have elected to leave it here.   EverStaR 1

I am also into Amatuer Radio in a signficant way and you can review that site here: SDRZone

My longest and favorite hobby though has always been photography and you can visit my Photo Blog here:  https://500px.com/p/am4l?view=photos

Last but not least if you want to change the way you see and experience life, I invite you to read my book “The Awareness Journey” and you can find more information about that book here: AM4L

My mission this time around is one to purely enjoy life, my passions for Astronomy and Photography along with some camping!

Thanks for visiting my websites!